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Gustav Mahler Memorial Place

Schoerfling was orderd by Gustav Mahler to build a music pavilion at the meadow in front of the inn "Zum Hoellengebirge"(today Hotel Gasthof zum Hoellengebirge - Family Foettinger) close to the lake Attersee .

The room with three windows and a door, is furnished only with a table, a chair, a stove and a piano. There Mahler could find for three summers the silence and seclusion he needed for composing parts of the second and the whole third symphony.

Pichture right: Inside the composing room

Inside the Gustav Mahler Memorial Place

The constant use of the buiding during the 20th century - it has served as a washhouse, a slaughterhouse and a sanitary facility - prevented its decay and destruction.

In 1985 the composing cottage became a Mahler memorial site, arranged by the International Gustav Mahler Society.

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