In the summer of 2016, the International Gustav Mahler Society, in cooperation with Georg Föttinger, the proprietor of the hotel and the hut, presented a new exhibition dedicated to Gustav Mahler in Steinbach (curated by Morten Solvik). The Governor of Upper Austria, Josef Pühringer, presided over the opening and Thomas Hampson performed songs by Mahler to accompany readings of Mahler’s letters and conversations.


The event continued the next day with a round table discussion on the future of the Mahler Festival in Steinbach. Marina Mahler, the composer’s granddaughter, presented her plans for a Mahler Foundation and its cooperation with the Festival in the coming years; Professor Erich Prödl from Regensburg revealed some architectural plans for a possible performing arts center on the grounds of the Föttinger hotel; and Nicole Eder, mayor of Steinbach, and Franz Kneissl, former mayor, discussed how the community will be involved in future events to promote the legacy of Mahler in the region.


Two films by Jason Starr were on the program, as well: one on the Second Symphony and one on the Third Symphony. Both works were composed largely in Steinbach and, fittingly, there are numerous scenes in both films from this area. What is more, the dramatizations around the funeral in the Second Symphony involved many local residents. The producer and director, Jason Starr, was present and spoke at each of the screenings.


The final day began with a christening of the MS Unterach as the “Mahler Ship.” A competition for young artists was called and the winning design from Birgit Schweiger was applied to the side of the boat in honor of the great composer’s stays at Attersee


The boat offered the Festival guests a free trip to nearby Weissenbach; this location was the starting point for a unique musical experience in the form of a hike that took participants to listening areas in the natural setting where they heard the individual movements of Mahler’s Third Symphony.


Comments on the 2016 Festival


I visit a Mahler Festival every year, but the one in Steinbach at such a historic place, with Marina Mahler and Thomas Hampson, was the best Mahler Festival that I have ever experienced.

- Jason Starr, US filmmaker


Congratulations! That was an event that others can only dream about. No one would have expected this of the tiny village of Steinbach. This Festival will go down in the history of Steinbach!

- Festival guest from Steinbach


The musical hike was unique; you absolutely must offer it again, for I would immediately go again with my friends.

- Visitor from Hallein, Salzburg


Congratulations on the Festival, it was fabulous!

- Family from Bremen


It was wonderful experiencing Thomas Hampson from up close.

- Family from Frankenmarkt


Heartfelt congratulations - it was all perfectly organised and beautiful.

- Visitor from Steinbach

Impressions of the Festival 2016

Gustav Mahler in Steinbach am Attersee

7 - 9 July 2016


Thursday, 7 July 2016


4 pm

Mahler Komponierhäuschen

Gasthof Föttinger


Festive Opening


Gustav Mahler’s Komponierhäuschen

Renovation of the permanent exhibition



Prof. Dr. Christian Meyer

President of the International Gustav Mahler Society


“Mahler am Attersee”

Introduction: Dr. Morten Solvik



Nicole Eder

Mayor of Steinbach


Opening of the exhibition by

Dr. Josef Pühringer

Governor of Upper Austria


Musical offerings

Trachtenmusikkapelle Steinbach am Attersee

Direction: Kapellmeister Alexander Stückler


Gustav Mahler in Lied und Wort


Thomas Hampson

singing select songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn

At the piano: Christian Koch


Readings from letters and accounts

by Roman Blumenschein and Eva Tacha-Breitling




Gustav Mahler’s 156th Birthday Party!


Musical Digestif in the new lobby

un petit salut / sourire


Jazz | Blues | Boogie

Markus Brandl (piano)

Johnny Schütten(piano)


Friday, 8 July 2016


10 am

Christian Ludwig Attersee Saal



Round Table Discussion

Gustav Mahler am Attersee: Eine Zukunftsperspektive / Looking to the Future

The opening of the new exhibit marks the beginning of an annual Mahler Festival in Steinbach.

What will the Mahler Festival offer this year and in the future?

Plans and projects will be presented by:


Dr. Morten Solvik (International Gustav Mahler Society and IES Abroad Vienna)

Mag. Georg Föttinger (Gasthaus Föttinger) 

Marina Mahler, with Andrea Kleibel and Jill Segal (Mahler Foundation)

Prof. Arch. Erich Prödl (Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg)

Nicole Eder (Mayor Gemeinde Steinbach)

Former mayor Franz Kneissl



7:30 pm

Gustav Mahler Saal


Film premiere on the Second Symphony with producer and director Jason Starr

Of Love, Death and Beyond. Exploring Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony

(in English with German subtitles; admission €6)

Filmed with extras from Steinbach Township in enactments of numerous scenes.

Followed by an open discussion with the director.



Saturday, 9 July 2016

 9:15 am


Gasthaus Föttinger, Dock


Ship Christening


MS Unterach as “Mahler-Schiff” ["Mahler Ship"]

Mag. Doris Schreckeneder

Stern & Hafferl Verkehrsgesellschaft m.b.H. 


10:00 (+10:40 u. 11:20) am

Point of departure: Hotel Post, Weissenbach


Musical Adventure Hike

Following the Traces of the Third Symphony in Steinbach am Attersee

Walk in Mahler’s footsteps and experience the movements of the Third Symphony

presented at listening stations set within the natural surroundings.

Event will only take place in fair weather.

Sponsored by Naturpark Attersee-Traunsee



7:30 pm

Gustav Mahler Saal


Film premiere on the Third Symphony with producer and director Jason Starr

What the Universe Tells Me. Unraveling the Mysteries of Mahler’s Third Symphony

(in English with German subtitles; admission €6)

Filmed in part in Steinbach, where Mahler wrote the work.

Followed by an open discussion with the director.